We Are Not Gifts!

We Are Not Gifts!

Ashley Roth, Communications Director

March 22, 2016

Easter is soaked in springtime symbolism. It’s a holiday inundated with remnants of the Pagan holiday Ostara. Kids run through backyards and parks, searching for plastic eggs (because chicken eggs aren’t for humans, remember?). They gobble up jelly beans and chocolate hollow bunnies. They wear pastels. Little hands dig through baskets, and reach in for their new favorite toy: a plush bunny, duck, or fuzzy chick. The most crucial aspect of this scene is that their new furry friend is a toy–as in made from cloth and stuffing and no vital organs inside. Because live animals are not commodities–and should never be a gift from the Easter Bunny.

Easter Chicks

Sadly, some Easter Bunnies are uneducated and do this very thing. It’s unfortunate that many find the need to buy chocolate laden with cow’s milk, or that they support the egg industry for some glorified art project. News flash: there are vegan options, even for dyeing eggs. Parents can craft their own egg substitutes, or buy EggNots. As for the live animals–this shouldn’t have to be explained. But it does.