Celebrate Mother’s Day by Saying No to Dairy


Celebrate Mother’s Day by Saying No to Dairy


May 12, 2018

By Ashley Hubbard

It’s time to celebrate and honor our mothers. The women who birthed us, nursed us, raised us and shaped us into the human beings we are today. Mothers, generally speaking, are exceptional people – selfless and loving – and deserve to be acknowledged for all they do. I don’t think anyone would argue that. But, why should that celebration, honor and respect stop with human mothers? Shouldn’t all species be able to raise and nurture their young? Yes, they should but that’s not the case for many.

I don’t have children myself so I can’t speak from experience but something I’ve heard said over and over again when hearing other women’s stories about why they went vegan is that once they had a baby something clicked that no mother should be denied the right to raise their baby. The bond between them and their child was so strong that even the mere thought of that bond being broken drove them to opening their minds and leading a more compassionate life. These women couldn’t be more right in their feelings. Research shows that just five minutes of contact proves that cow and calf form a very strong bond that results in calves knowing their mother’s calls 24 hours after separation. Despite this, mothers in the dairy industry are denied all rights.

“Mothers were birthing outside my window and I was listening to their labour pains all night, and then watching them loving and cleaning their babies until my man came with the tractor and cage to take those babies to the pens.” – Jess Strathdee, former dairy farmer and vegan activist (source).